Season 7 in a nutshell

The s7 in one
The s7 in one
- Unkillable Poppy with 1 armor item (colossus, tank's masteries in general, her shield, her w passive, ->she goes from 150 armor to 250 armor lul) - Lucian/adcs that are behind not existing - Redemption's heal (wasn't so efficient in use here but still helpful) - Lee Sin outplay with R Q (after failing wardhop lmao) - Jungler being the highest level in the game - High mechanical skill from draven being completely unrewarded compared to poppy mashing her keys and missing her spells as a tank. Like seriously, why play a high skill adc over a braindead tank? How did riot go to holidays with this shit in the game is beyond me, the fact is even if they completely removed poppy W active she would still be overpowered, thats how hilariously broken she is. I understand that pre-season is time for unbalance, but please riot, do shit already to fix your game, dont be scared to give some REAL nerfs to those champions that need it (and items/masteries).
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