My thoughts on possible Mid-Season 9 Garen explorations

I just wanted to post some thoughts on upping his skill expression while maintaining his balanced state as best as possible. I want Garen's Judgment to feel more strategic rather than just Garen going Tazmanian devil for 3 seconds straight. And his ult, I really dislike the Villain mechanic for it's multiple reasons, but overall believe his current state of the Villain Mechanic does not fit Garen thematically. * Perseverance - QOL change - Allow us to ping Garen's Passive. It will let our Allies know how long we have before we start sweating back our HP. Also it will display our current HP% as well. _2 birds with one CTRL click._ * Decisive Strike - No changes * Courage - QOL change - Create a visual indicator for Garen's first 0.75 seconds of Courage. That's where it's strongest. (_Use the shields that appear around Garen when he just activates Courage_ - 0:05 seconds in: * Judgment - Each spin deals more damage. Number of spins decreased from 5 - 10 to (4 - 7?). For (Less than 3 seconds?), Garen spins his sword around himself to deal damage while maintaining 4.5 seconds to discipline himself to deactivate and reactivate Judgment one time in order to consume the remaining duration. The is available after the first spin is complete. *(_If you do not use the remaining duration after the 4.5 seconds of discipline have ended, it refunds a portion of your cooldown_.) (Possible new Judgment Passive? - Each Enemy Champion hit 4 times by Garen's Judgment and Auto-Attacks will have their Armor Shred by 25% for 6 seconds.) _Just overall, I want more diversity with Judgment, and hopefully this is a balanced way to rework it. _ * Demacian Justice - 2 options for Garen's Villain Mechanic: Remove it or Rework it. I do not like be rewarded more damage because my teammates died. Garen is not an Avenger, give that mechanic to another champion that loves being an Avenger, like Kalista or something. This is most preferable change, but amp up Garen's ultimate to deal some true damage. I usually suggest it deals approximately ([150/300/450] true damage + [28%/33%/40% of Target's missing HP] magic damage). Otherwise, if you REALLY want to keep the Villain Mechanic, rework it to where we the Players have control over who the Villain is, just remove the "Demacian Justice deals full true damage to Villains". But you can still keep the "Auto-Attacks and Judgment still deal 1% of Enemy Champion HP as true damage". And probably make it to where we get 1 Villain at level 11 and then a second Villain at level 16. {{sticker:garen-swing}} A curious thought I had is to reward players that use Garen's ult successfully. I believe refreshing Garen's Courage is a good start to experiment on (Or a portion of its Cooldown). Another thought is to make it to where Demacian Justice removes all active effects that Target Champion made upon their demise. So like if Zed's Death Mark is still going off, Demacian Justice (if successfully used to kill the Enemy Champion) will completely remove the Death Mark. That way I'm a real Demacian hero, cleansing the world of magic caused by that evil scoundrel and saving the lives of my comrades! DEMACIA! Another curious thought I had is to give Garen's ultimate a micro AOE. The "approximate" [150/300/450] true damage was one of my thoughts. Probably 125 units around the target as AOE, it should be incredibly small. _Last but not least, Garen's Ultimate will apply Knock-Down. It looks like it should honestly, seeing as you are summoning a colossal blade of heavenly justice upon your foe, it should bring them to the ground so that you can deliver judgment upon them._ *Edited Judgment ()
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