Can we get a serious rework on Veigar?

This is coming from someone who has played well over 1000 games on him, I've played for almost 7 years and he was the first/main champion I learned. I'm not some random who has just faced him in lane and is confused by his kit. I do not think there is an easier, breezier champ, with such little counter-play, and to make it worse the last time you "made him healthier", it just broke him even more. Back when it was click to target, you had to pick between Q stack and harass. Now you can Q stack, harass, and stack Q again by hitting them. His W has a 100% uptime with 45% cdr, but easier dodged. Pretty balanced spell tbh. Clear indicator, clear warning time and punishing damage. His E is just retarded. Throw it down, not only can you pretty much walk away from any threat, it can simultaneously CC 5 people for 2.5 sec each. If they don't get stunned, which is likely since it has an indicator, your stun now turns into a 5 man Camile ult. You either A. Get stunned and die, or B. walk around in the cage and die. C. Blow flash His ult.. Long gone are the days of walking up to someone and only pressing R to make them disappear. Now you have to give them an auto attack THEN press R. Even though you can't really one shot people anymore, the damage amp is so strong that only 20% is more than enough to finish them. He is boring to play, infuriating to face, very much in need of a rework.
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