@Riot @Scruffy Sion Passive after 4.19 is much shorter than before - is it intended?

First, let me say that I get why percent damage has been replaced with flat damage. Buying +health itmes to worsen your passive was really strange. But those new numbers seem way too high and {{champion:14}} dies much faster now. So @RiotScruffy (or any other Riot employee who knows it) - **was this increase in passive decay intentional?** That is really the only thing that interests me here, rest of post are just numbers. If numbers are required: I will only evaluate initial tic, as tic increases are scaled nearly similarly. Previously, you were taking 0.5% of your max health, now it's 2 times level. So, for new passive to be better than old one, you have to have 400 times your level max health. 1 level - yeah, here it happens 6 level - 2400 health 12 level - 4800 health 18 level - whooping 7200 health! So, of course, you can achieve 2400 health in a single match, and you can achieve 4800, though it seems ulikely to get them so early. But 7200...Now, I mostly play bot games, where, as a rule, Sion passive works way better and you also get more money. And even with this conditions, I've only once had 5800 hp on 17th level({{item:3207}} , ~600 health from passive, {{item:3083}} , {{item:3143}} and some other items). That is STILL 1000 short of optimal amount for 17 level(6800) Leaving level scaling but decreasing first tic coefficient to 1.5(and adjusting tic increases accordingly) seems like way more achievable thing. It requires one to only have >300 times his level in max health (1800 for 6th level, 3600 for 12th level, 5400 for 18 level - those numbers look more realistic) to get any benefit.
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