How would YOU fix the jungle?

tl/dr: It's the title. My thoughts are to make camps scale in power or give Machete health regen out of combat. Simple enough idea. Everybody seems to agree that the new jungle in oppressive, which has hedged out all but a few champs capable of surviving it. Even then, most junglers are a non-factor early game. Instead of everybody complaining on the boards about it, I want to see some of you step into the developers' shoes and solve "the jungle problems." It would be nice to see some Reds on here as well to discuss the ideas that people come up with. I personally am too low level to play in the jungle, but It's a role I want to get into because it seems much more dynamic than laning. I watch a lot of videos of junglers, so here are my ideas: **The analysis:** Junglers by there very nature have a very different playstyle than laners. In short, each camp is akin to a full skirmish in lane (not just poke), and most champs can't handle more than 2-3 skirmishes early on before having to back. But where laners can adjust playstyle to suit the situation and stay in lane longer, junglers have to sprint to the next camp ASAP just to maintain levels/gold on par with laners. They don't get time between skirmishes to farm and regen health/mana. Here are the two ways I would fix this: 1) Make jungle camps scale in power over time. Start them out fairly weak and let their power grow over time. I believe this was a recent change to Baron with the reasoning being that Riot wanted people to contest Baron earlier in the game (don't quote me on that). Having the other jungle camps start at even 75% of their current strength and growing in power over the first 5-8 minutes would alleviate many of the issues with jungle early game. Slow starting champions would be able to clear more than 3 camps on their first clear. Having camps grow in power also gives Riot more "levers" to adjust when looking at champions power spikes (early, mid, or late game) and would give them another way to control the jungle. An example would be if they felt junglers were donating buffs to laners too early they could simply speed up the power growth of the camp or nearby ones to make it more difficult on junglers, thereby making junglers think twice before donating the buff. 2) Make {{item:1039}} Machete give bonus health regen when out of combat as well as in combat, so that junglers have a bit more health overall when making it to camp 3 or 4. Since junglers usually are sprinting to the next camp, this wouldn't have a huge effect, but it might make the difference between having to back at 3 camps or going for camp 4. Make it only take effect if the champion is below 50% health, and now it benefits the majority of struggling junglers while preventing high-sustain junglers (the current meta if I'm not mistaken) from abusing it to fast clear *and *gank before their first back. Like I said, I'm not able to jungle yet, so I would love to hear some ideas from people who have actually played in the new jungle. As a side note, what level would you recommend I start trying out jungling? I was just starting to get into it at the end of S4, had about 3-4 games under my belt before sending {{champion:2}} into the S5 jungle. Short story even shorter, I learned I can't jungle yet.
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