What the fuck does it take you junglers to gank top?

I would really appreciate it if junglers opened their eyes and realized that top lane actually existed. I am done playing this lane. I constantly have 2-3 people sitting in my lane while it's nigh on helpless when I get a shit jungler who never really wants to counter gank. I am done having to ward the pixel brush only to have the mid laner and opponent jungler walk in from the tribush to make my lane miserable while in an event where I get a jungler who doesn't want to gank my lane, I am at the mercy of giving up my turret, along with the shit ton of plating, and hoping I can farm the gold back by late game in order to be relevant. Freeze my wave? No. Beat the opponent down to half HP? No. Try to save my CC? No ganks yet until I have a jungler with half a brain. What on earth does it take the majority of you players to learn to gank top lane instead of sitting with bot lane, which will end up feeding 50% of the time anyway when I am the one being pressurized? I am done with the top lane when in 50% of the matches you get junglers who will neither counter gank or take objectives. This lane is more coinflip than any other role, and I am apalled at how long top lane has been allowed to remain at the mercy of jungler difference.
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