Fiora is terrible

Terrible of the way of BROKEN .... Op means one but broken is something thart i dont wanna see .... We all want her reworked bcs she is annoying early mid late and far far late game she is the most overpowered champ right now some Rioter please tell me why you leave her like that you got no counters to her bcs she will counter you there is out of sense logic etc .. All Naughty Words that i can call her are that much but lets just call her themoneymaker.. So themoneymaker has 6 skins that you can buy for her 2 ... Themoneymaker is made to be your new main if you got depression (that all the league players have) I mean that she can block your ghost bcs you channaled it ...(cast animations i hate them) you cant breath to the time you die she is like my math teacher i hate her she is here i still hate her 99% of the times she doest get banned she will get picked on the enemy or your team so we shoud ban her?! OR WE CANT for that one reason that even if you ban her you lose your ban and it becomes like this that jax will come the more balanced version of her... Or fizz why cares idk? duhh i think i shoud say something else than how broken she is Oh yea i get it she is that broken that she can shred cho gath into 4 stikes without a full team of supps i think after a moment i will make another post for her and how broken she is ** weak.

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