Unpopular opinion: ~5% of your health per hit is one of the weakest steroids in a burst meta

When ADCs are using items and runes that provide front-loaded burst (Stormrazor, Hail of Blades, etc.) and activating on-demand burst steroids (like Trist Q) to kill people in under a second, a steady boost like Silver Bolts is a joke until someone starts stacking health and armor, at which point it becomes a ticking timer _with some actual time on it_ so you have an opportunity to play the game. If the meta shifted to massively decrease front-loaded burst and give stable, consistent steroids like percent health true damage (Vayne's W, Garen's R passive, and Fiora's passive (technically, executes start with percent health true damage and then add more true damage if it isn't lethal, but that's not a steroid)) some real value, the game would be in a much better state with more opportunity for micro counterplay. 14% of your health is easier for players to deal with and devs to balance than 140% of your health.
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