Can we talk about how broken Malzahar is right now?

I've been playing a whole lot of malzahar lately. You know why? because its the easiest laning phase you'll ever have in your life, and you basically CAN'T have a bad game on him unless you're being greedy, over extending, or just playing poorly. The game is YOURS to lose if you play malzahar. There is virtually zero risk to this champion, unless you purposely take risks. Enemy -CAN- reach you? K. Press E, W, walk back toward your turret. Rinse and repeat. Zero risk, probably get better CS than my opponent. Enemy -CANT- reach you? Awesome. Press E, W to auto-farm the entire wave flawlessly, then harass the hell out of my opponent. I had a bad laning phase? That's fine. I'll still have the highest CS on the map before the game is over because I literally press 2 buttons to farm an entire wave. I don't even have to be there! I can just walk into a lane, hit E, W, and walk away. Zero risk. And if someone comes to mess with me, I just press R on them and they die - or at least dissuaded. Whether I win lane or lose lane, I'll still be relevant. I had a good laning phase? Even better. Now I can E, W push my wave, and go basically insta-kill whoever I want by rolling my face on my keyboard. That was fun! Back to my lane to go press E, W again. Rinse and repeat. Enemy jungler trying to fight my jungler? Let me just walk over there really fast (my wave is pushed anyway, haha!) and press E on him. Cool, we won the fight! Oh no... a big team fight is happening. Better Q,E,W Q,E,W Q,E,W until somoene steps out of position and press R on them. Good thing everyone's silenced so they can't counteract my poke at all. Oh no... There's a turret in our way... good thing I can press W and melt the turret like a fed ADC. I don't even have to aim it! I just press W and then Right Click, and the tower is dead a few moments later. I don't even have to stay near the turret, at the first sign of danger I can just walk away. My voidlings will get the job done. Oh no... The enemy has assassins that can 1-shot me! Good thing this zhonya's hourglass thingy is a thing in this game, and builds wonderfully into my playstyle. Oh, and my passive shield blocks a ton of damage and CC. Oh and I can build Rod of Ages and be totally fine. Oh and I ran barrier. Oh and there's that Rune now that gives me a free zhonyas, too. Oh and my team is peeling me. Oh and if I do all of these things, I can still 1-combo your tanks AND your squishies, I'm just safer while doing it. No real trade off.

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