I'd really like to see Ascension become permanent, like a new Dominion queue.

So I'm almost entirely a RGM and ARAM player nowadays. I'm just not a huge fan of SR currently (though here's hoping the new season changes that), but the other modes can be a lot of fun. My personal favorite is Ascension, and I feel like that's a pretty common opinion even if some people hate it. And I think it is the kind of map that can support a permanent spot on the queue list. It doesn't devolve into a toxic meta like URF did, it's not a VS AI mode, its not a limited champ pool like Singularity, Invasion, Blood Moon, etc. It's an all pick slugfest with some objective control. You even get to see some champions you normally wouldn't, or play with builds that aren't meta. Now, I'm not sure what RGMs have the most players or anything, but I feel like it's at least fairly popular and I'd really love to see it come back! Hopefully for longer, and that way RIOT can keep rotating the more gimmicky modes (explanation below) The other modes are fun, neat ideas for a game or two, but that's usually it. I don't know anyone that wants to play more than a game or two of something like Singularity (sorry to pick on it, but it's by far my least favorite mode since I like choices in both champions and items). But something like Ascension has me playing for hours when it's up. There's so many champions and builds to do, it's just a really well made game mode in my opinion. So what are people's opinions on Ascension and the RGMs as a whole? What's good, what's bad, can any mode become permanent? I'd love to see some opinions on them (especially Rioters if you'd care to chime in).
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