I strongly doubt support income is going to change that much

I peaked gold 4 last season. I'm just putting it out there because you're going to OP.gg and flame me anyway. The current support item changes make it so that you can't get any gold from your support item unless an ally is in a 1500 ish range (i don't know the specifics because I've been taking a short break from the game due to stress related to the tournament i'm in). At first glance this sounds terrible, but it's not. It's really not. 1. You're in a 2v2 lane. An ally is going to be next to you for the majority of the game. 2. If you're off clearing side waves, you're going to get the gold from last hitting anyways. If you can't last hit...idk what to tell you. 3. If your laner is so bad that they are never in lane, chances are you're going to be last hitting and getting the gold from the minions anyway. The "last hitting minions denies stacks" passive has been in the game for what, years now? This change isn't going to ruin everything. 4. Later into the game you'll just need to be near someone to be able to proc the gold gen passive. Relic users already deal with this issue and don't experience massive gold losses, despite the fact that proccing relic is harder than standing near dying minions. 5. How often are you proccing spelthief's in a 1v1 scenario? Probably not often enough for it to be a big deal. If you are, in what world are enemy champions letting you 1v1 them and not punishing you for it? Anyone who is complaining about this is greatly exaggerating the issue and not thinking about it critically whatsoever. #That being said If it doesn't get you gold, it shouldn't consume stacks. also: fuck the bounty system.
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