Im gonna start taking smite top lane on AS champs

On champs like {{champion:39}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:19}} {{champion:5}} or {{champion:17}} , im gonna take smite top lane instead of teleport or ignite. Why? Because smite is the only way you can have skirmishers. And skirmishers is SUPER powerful on on-hit champs. Irelia with bonus true damage, 6 seconds of vision so that they can't weave you through the bushes and an incredible 20% damage reduction from the target, all for 750 gold. ANd then later you can upgrade it to devourers and get 40 magic damage on hit + stacks for kills and farming. That free true damage is on a way lower CD than ignite and it gives you about the same amount of damage if you get 4-5 hits in. The only thing you don't get is the healing reduction, but the 20% damage reduction means that you win any trade, and its only on a 50 second CD. Then, like I said, upgrade to the on-hit enchanment, and boom, tons of damage. Without their jungler just setting up a tent top lane, their is no way to lose. Plus, later in the game you have way more buff control with 2 smites for objectives, or if your jungler dies and they try a drag/baron, you still have smite to try and steal. And 6 seconds of 20% less damage on ADC/mid in a teamfight? Fucking amazing
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