So, how do you counter Graves?

Because my hair's already turning grey from all the ranked games I lost against this scruffy son of a gun. Every time I face him he's a pest to deal with simply because he: A; Deals a metric amount of damage B; Gets tanky as hell because of his affinity with LS and because he builds every single "tank" ADC item there is ({{item:3156}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3812}} ) C; He's really mobile/sticky and a chore to pin down and slap to death. This far none of my picks has been able to shut him down {{champion:82}} Other ADC's die the moment I look at them funny but this M...Malcom just shrugs everything off I throw at him in terms of damage as well as being able to kite me despite my rylais, MS quints and Trinity force {{champion:112}} I'm having serious troubles killing him due to him being able to either tank my burst with his items or simply dash out of my storm and laz0r {{champion:111}} I deal no damage and blowing all my CC on him makes the enemy ADC or mid run rampant while I just die due to my carries dropping like flies {{champion:72}} Combination of both Morde and Naut's problems Sooo, any tips? 'Cause I got nothin'
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