Kled main. There are some bugs that still haven't been fixed and can you put Skaarl in champ name

Everytime I use my teleport then instantly use E or Q he always goes the opposite direction which has ruined some of my jungler's ganks and team fights so everytime I use my tp, if I intend to use E or Q i have to wait 1 second before using either. His ultimate works fine after tp. Also in jungle sometimes dismounted kled can self knock back himself through the gromp wall on the thinest part but most of the time it doesn't work. 4th problem to address is the path finding on his ultimate sometimes lies to the player. Example: Say if im ganking bot lane between from the dragon to behind the blue team's bot tower. Sometimes the path finder will show that I'm going through the front of the tower to the back to attack the enemy team. But in reality the game is sending me near the krugs then to the back of the blue bot tower which throws my team's coordination off in tower diving and has cost me more time to get into the fight by going near the krugs rather than going through the front of the tower. Fix these 4 problems please. Last thing to request is if you can please put Skaarl with Kled in the champion name similar to Nunu & Willump.

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