Does Riot actually listen to our feedback?

This may be a bit controversial but...I really don't think Riot/the balance team takes any comments from the playerbase seriously. I used to be one of the supporters of Riot and gave them the benefit of the doubt. However, as I watched season 7 go by, I'm really starting to question whether Riot actually listens to the playerbase at all, and if Riot actually cares about the health of the game or what the players want. To name a few examples: 1. When Riot introduced counterplay, a great concept by itself, it mostly focused around delaying assassin burst. However, adcs got to keep ALL of their instant burst critical strikes, counterplay-free. This is not mentioning how lifesteal remained instant, and support items overbuffed. Despite THOUSANDS of threads regarding this issue, Riot only significantly nerfed ardent censor after the whole season was about to end. 2. Twitch has been a huge issue, boasting a win rate higher than 53% throughout the majority of the season. Yet Riot adamantly refused to nerf him, and is still refusing to do so today. 3. When adcs got incredibly strong in the mid game from midseason onwards, Riot turned a blind eye, laying excuses such as 'balance for pro play'. When a single bruiser gets his time to shine, Riot proceeds to nerf him very, VERY quickly (singed, recently urgot) 4. Many people were very unsatisfied with reworks, notably Leblanc and Rengar. When Rengar mains requested a revert - they were told 'nice meme' from a Rioter, and no work was given to him since other than a pitiful +3 armor buff. 5. Instead of giving the long requested turret buffs, Riot just made it easier and easier for them to be destroyed. In all honesty, all of these issues have been going on for a HUGE portion of the season, but they weren't addressed. Instead Riot focused on the new runes - while it is a good idea, it would have been SO much better to focus on what the players want so badly. It's frankly disappointing. The playerbase has been really verbal about what they want and how to make the game healthier, and while some of the comments were a bit verbally strong, most of them had a lot of constructive feedback. But Riot listened to almost none of it. I really enjoy the game and I play a lot, but it honestly feels like all the players are throwing comments at a brick wall, and that Riot is giving us a huge "nope" sign when all we want is for the game to be more balanced and healthier. tldr: Based on the performance of the balance team and Riot overall, I'm really disappointed, and they give the impression that they don't listen to our feedback at all, despite claiming to do so. Edit: Damn, I wasn't expecting this thread to get nearly as much attention as it did. I apologize for not being able to reply to every single response. I just want to say thanks to everyone who contributed in a constructive and respectful way. I appreciate every bit of it and it really shows our love for this game. Extra thanks to Riot Calad for his first post (I actually replied to him but it got buried so I just want to show I appreciate his reply) and Maple Nectar for his consistent responses and his detailed explanation. While the responses didn't leave everyone or myself absolutely, 100% satisfied, the fact that you guys took precious time out of your day (at work, I may add) to respond to this shows us that you do care about the playerbase. Thanks again guys!
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