Is there anyone who genuinely enjoys season 8?

If there is, I would like whatever he is on. The fact that I am still playing this game is the testament to how much my life sucks. It feels like Riot is doing NOTHING to balance things out, Riot is just taking it slow and casually despite us being well past the preseason already. Things that can be done overnight sit on PBE for months. A champion that has both the highest win rate AND the highest pick rate out of all champs (Vayne) and close second GP is UNPRECEDENTED (correct me if I'm wrong), yet Riot doesn't stop to think that there's something fundamentally wrong with their game. Riot can you please, please, PLEASE stop milking your cash cows and actually fix the game? Please don't let Vayne be another Lee Sin where we're gonna have to wait A FEW YEARS and a rework of an entire game for her to fall off her throne. Those nerfs on PBE are NOTHING, they're touching NOTHING that makes Vayne and other ADCs so oppressive. And ADCs are only the beginning. There's still a TON Of shit that needs to be fixed. PLEASE RIOT, I'm begging you. Bring back Morello, bring back everyone, even Nikasaur just please fix this game...
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