Fun thought experiment: Attack move click removed from game, how does the game and rankings change?

There is one mechanic that is abused by every top level player. It's name is Attack Move Click. Every single high ranking player uses it. Why? Because it makes the game dramatically easier. Don't have the best reaction time? Use Attack Move Click and let the game react for you when the Rengar/Khazix/Twitch ambushes you from out of stealth. Don't have the best csing/jg clear? Never misclick a minion or jg camp again because now you can click anywhere on the map and still hit the nearest enemy/neutral-objective. So for the thought experiment, how do you think the game would change and would the current top players still be the best? How do you think it would affect the meta? Would a certain class of champions rise up in the response to this mechanic's removal? Or do you think not much would change at all? And what about the enjoyment of the game? Would removing this mechanic make it less fun? Would it make the LCS more fun to watch? How do you think it would pan out? I'm interested to hear everyone's thoughts on this because I think it's a question that deserves consideration, despite how "simple" it might appear on the surface. And for those that read this all the way through just want to say you're one of the chosen few that have the ability to focus and investigate things thoroughly before drawing a conclusion. Congratulations on not being one of the unwashed masses drooling on themselves :) Thanks for taking the time :) {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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