How does the system match up players in Normals [DRAFT], and WHY DOES IT HATE ME?

Alright. I've had enough. I've played this game for years and I can't say I regret any of the time I've spent playing this game but **this morning is where I draw the line**. I want to tell my story to somebody, _anybody_. I don't even plan on checking the responses but I want to open up the topic of the fairness of Normal Draft Matchmaking. I'm asking the _community_ how you think the Normal draft matches players, and maybe some ways to improve match experience. **(TL;DR at the bottom)** Here's the deal: I've spent the past 10 hours of my life playing this stupid game like it's a drug. I have played with parties all throughout the night of varying skill levels and sizes. I have played with players who have barely won 100 Normal games and players who have won around 800. But I have been utterly **disgraced** by match-ups, allies, and yes, my own mistakes, all night long. I tried out some new things and I fell back on old favorites. I lost more than **70% of the matches I have played today**. Now now, not everything was Summoner's Rift, it's true. Occasionally, I tried to take a break and relieve some tension with some friendly poro dodge ball. I did count these within my losses, because this entails everything I've done tonight. There were two specific **Normal Draft, Summoner's Rift** matches that I believe should never have been conjured into existence in the first place. This was not the first time I felt the system had cheated me. In the past few weeks, I have been in **Normal Draft** games where there were Bronze players on our team **EXCLUSIVELY** and the enemy team had _**MULTIPLE DIAMONDS**_. I don't even WANT to know what kind of math thought that would be an even fight. **Wow-This-Feels-Wrong-1** My pre-made consisted of myself and 2 other teammates; we're good friends all around Silver 4 and don't normally have a lot of trouble getting out of losing streaks. I have about 600 normal wins, and my two other friends have 800 and 350. I take top lane begrudgingly and try something new, seeing as the team was on the squishier side ({{champion:111}} ). I by NO means know how to play this champion and I do not play top lane often. If ever. And it was probably my worst choice of the entire night. One of my friends takes Lulu support (which they are quite comfortable on) and the other takes Ekko jungle for one of the first times. Now, we'd already lost the majority of our matches for the night so morale wasn't high. And then our random Twisted Fate mid decides to announce to us that they plan on feeding, and proceed to do so! All because they chose fill and don't like mid lane! They said absolutely nothing in champion select to try and change roles and instead threw the entire match under the bus and ruined our fun and our chances of winning. Our random Lucian was quite good but was lagging through most of the game. He was our only ray of hope through everything. I was dead weight (no pun intended) for the most part but I tried my heart out and I tried to help the team whenever i could. After the hellish match ends we get to the end screen and I glance at the **normal wins** that each side had. I started crying. Our two randoms had about ~145 wins each. The enemy? 2 people with over 1,000 wins, 1 person with over 2,000 wins, someone with 600+ wins, and and one with 800+ wins. The guy with 2,000 wins even claimed to have a platinum account on a different server. The feeding Twisted Fate had a match history filled with thrown mid lane match losses. And my friends and I were sitting there thinking **"Is this a joke? Where's the punchline?"** What kind of algorithm look at those numbers and the **giant** gap in Normal wins and thinks that's okay? How is one side supposed to have fun if the other side is so completely rigged in their favor to win?? Why in the name of God was my MMR or whatever this matchmaking was using **doing this to me**??? I appreciate hard-won matches. I appreciate close matches and having to do my very best to win. But _I am not good at this game_. My skill level is nowhere close to platinum or higher. I can't even scrape my way into gold to actually get rewarded for the real, physical tears that I shed over this stupid game. **_I would've rather wait an hour in queue than have the odds that heavily stacked against me again._** It would've been tolerable if the numbers had been shuffled around. If the feeding Twisted Fate had been swapped with the enemy's 2k wins jungler, even that one change would've made it feel so much more fair, skill-wise. ** This-Is-Disgusting-And-I-Want-To-Uninstall-2** I had no clue this one was coming. I was playing with only one of my friends this time, as a last-ditch effort to end the game-spree on a good note. Morale was low and we were thinking about just calling it a night but we were desperate to try and salvage the fun. They took one of their strongest and favorite champions, Kindred, into the jungle and I took my _absolute_ favorite champion Varus into bot lane as an ADC. I am proud of what I can accomplish with my Varus _within my skill level of players_ and of course I hope to continue to grow. I'm not here to ask advice on how to improve or anything. We're not discussing if Varus is "in Meta" or not because that isn't the point. I'm here to say _why is it fair for a player on a hard losing streak or pattern to be faced against a Gold/Silver bot lane duo, who are both Mastery 7, and keep shitting on your day_? They were a Jinx and Thresh duo. The Thresh flashed over minions to hook me under my own tower and give first blood to Jinx at about 3 minutes. **And he didn't die**. I got tower dove in the first 6 minutes **three times** and my support Blitz (who I did not know) could do nothing about it. **_He_** even got a double the next time they dove him. Jinx had a BF sword and 50 farm at 8 minutes. The outer bot lane tower fell at 8 minutes. It was at that time my jungling friend realized how screwed over bot lane was and tried to help. I appreciated the effort, I did... Didn't do much but give Jinx more gold though. Long story short, Jinx ended the match 23/4/6 when we surrendered at 22 minutes. **_Why doesn't the Matchmaking adjust to losing streaks? Why did I find myself paired up against harder and harder enemies even though my match history could prove that I wasn't able to beat them and I wasn't getting better?_** These were Normals. These weren't Ranked. Normals are a more relaxed environment where a weary traveler might have a chance to relax or even, God forbid, **have some fun**. **Having the odds stacked against you more than 9 times in one night and _always losing_ is not fun.** I don't know about the rest of you, but I play video games with the primary objective to have fun. I **do** enjoy improving my skills and I **do** enjoy a good challenge but this is beyond me at this point. I don't like letting my team down and I don't like feeling like a loss was my fault. _I am well aware that I always have room to grow but you don't have to show me how far I have left to go **every. Single. Match.**_ Some days, I just want a pat on the back and a warm cup of tea handed to me. I want someone to tell me _"You're doing great, and here are some other people also doing great. Don't sweat the grandmother you live with that has cancer, don't worry about having to find the spare change to put food on the table. You are doing great at something you love and I believe in you."_ _**TL;DR Matchmaking reminded me some of the reasons I hate this game today. I'm bad at this game but I just want to have fun playing with allies and enemies that aren't Cardboard 5 but still lower than your average rising-star Silver 2. Not every game can be a win but maybe more than 30% of them could show up green for once.**_
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