The only nerf Cait needs to be balanced

Remove her headshot proc on E. Yes, I believe her traps are fine. It is her signature. They are annoying, but let's be honest - if a champion is strong enough, it is going to be annoying, we can always find something to complain about. I find it stupid how her skill pattern looks like one of an assassin rather than an adc who is supposed to dish out sustained damage. Her E is already a slow that helps to catch someone with traps and to hit a Q afterwards. It is already enough to be a lane bully. Add a guaranteed headshot on top of that and you get chunked for 2/3 of hp at level 3 if you ever step on a trap. When she gets 3-4 items, she can assassinate someone faster than dedicated assassins after their rework. IMO it is unnecessary power that should be removed.
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