Brands Damage Needs To Be Adressed

Because what you see here: Is not healthy and acceptable gameplay. A support, I repeat a support with the least gold ( 11.8k, our Soraka had 13.8k)! Should not be dealing twice as much damage as everyone on the other team with low to no CS and after he was killed 15 times! I see people complaining about Lux or Annie dealing too much damage but it's not even comparable to this and not to mention, both are balanced around having no escape while they're also relatively squishy! Get close to brand and he'll unleash his full combo on you without missing, this will either: a.) Kill you b.) Stun you long enough for him to escape and kill you with his detonation blast/burn damage P.S not ranting because we lost, we actually won, but that doesn't solve the issue:
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