Revert the Kled q buff and address his real issues

Is this the buff he needed? No. Is this the buff I wanted as a Kled main? No. Is this change going to hurt the game in the long run? Absolutely. Healing in general is out of line yes, but that is due to how easy healing debuffs are to obtain right now. Adding more healing debuffs to the game will only force you to buff healing even more, otherwise healing won’t be useful. Revert the q change and consider this instead: Stats: Buff Kled’s health to 340 + 75 per level from 340 + 70 per level Nerf Skaarl’s health to 400 + 60 per level from 400 + 65 per level Passive: Courage when hitting enemy champions lowered to 12 from 15 Remove the -20% damage to champions when dismounted Alternatively Kled now gains 15% / 40% increased attack speed when dismounted, scaling with level. There’s also a bug where his enhanced W attack just straight won’t proc. It happens every game against minions, however, it has rarely happened against champions. That being said it still does happen, and it should be fixed as soon as possible.
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