An Analysis on the Rageblade Nerf with Proposed nerfs

There is currently a nerf on the PBE that states that the on hit effect on rageblade will change from every 2nd auto, to every 3rd auto. There is a compensation buff about the magic pen and armor pen, changing it from 6-15% to flat 15%, but once u buy this item on most if its users, you will already be at 11% so this 4% approximate buff won't be very important. **Problem this Nerf Causes** 1. **Off meta builds will generally not be viable after this change.** This works for both completely off meta builds and semi off meta. Completely off meta builds, which include things like ap/ad on hit gnar, on hit thresh, ad/ap on hit lulu, etc, who all used rageblade for an on hit build, will not be viable after this change. This hurts players who liked playing the game differently through these types of builds. Of course, a game should not be balanced around off meta, but it should probably still be taken into consideration. Semi off meta builds are generally builds that do work but aren't generally seen very often. These builds include ap on hit {{champion:110}} , ap on hit {{champion:145}} , ad/ap {{champion:518}} (mainly ap on hit since other is seen more), on hit {{champion:10}} , and possibly more. These builds will need buffs to compensate for this nerf but without any buffs, it will semi force players into playing the meta builds all the time even if they want to go to the other ones. 2. **The item will not be as fun or as consistent as it used to be after this nerf.** For the first part, it won't be as fun simply due to how satisfying it feels when 1 normal auto goes into a 2nd auto which procs the on hit. It feels very satisfying when this occurs due to its visual effect, sound effect, and also its gameplay. For the second part, the item will not be very consistent and could cause many mistakes. Of course, as soon as players get used to it, but it could still cause multiple mistakes to happen even after once people get used to its effect. For example, let's say you are playing on hit {{champion:518}} , and you want to flash and auto someone who will die once you land a passive proc auto. You are at 2 items, and you want your w to proc with {{item:3124}} . However, due to the rageblade changes, you were not able to w proc and the enemy champion lives. Of course, this is only 1 situation, but it will probably happen very often in the game, possibly even after players get used to this change. However, only time will tell on that. It could also lead to opposing players to not know exactly when the rageblade stack will proc, and thus die to it. However, I don't know how many times this will actually be the case. **On the positive side, it will remove some abuse cases that {{item:3124}} had ** 1. True damage Will be weaker with the nerfed rageblade. the buff to armor and magic penetration does not help those users very much, leading to an overall effective nerf against them. Either way, the rageblade nerf does, in my opinion have multiple issues, especially for the mains of champions who does use rageblade a lot. I personally think there is a better way to increase player satisfaction when facing against this item. I'm not going to lie, before I played neeko and absolutely loved the champion with an ap on hit playstyle, I used to hate this item completely. I honestly believe the item lacks **A LOT** of clarity. This leads the item to having less counterplay than it honestly should. I personally would take out the fact that it can stack up on minions. It could still stack on epic monsters and towers though. This removes the situation where you aren't sure if the target has rageblade fully stacked or not. Another thing to include is some sort of orange glow and sound effect on a target with rageblade fully stacked. This can help players to have to make a decision about whether to jump on or run away from the user. Of course, if it stacks on monsters and towers, there should be a change to how the sound effect works, because having it occur frequently can get a little annoying. Another nerf you could add is to lower the duration that the stacks remain on the champion. This helps to add some re engage counterplay to the item. TLDR: The rageblade nerfs on PBE will destroy multiple different on hit builds without many buffs to compensate, it will also lower the satisfaction the item gives and it's consistency. However, it will nerf the abuse cases. Rageblade could possibly not stack on minions as a healthier nerf. Thank you for Reading :){{champion:518}}
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