God damn, it is SO much easier to orb walk now that we can bind attack move to left click.

For an ADC main, it's like a gift from heaven. Now, I know some of you out there might be groaning right now "Great, even more love towards ADCs.", and I get your pain. However, those who main ADCs still exist, and something like this is AWESOME! If you are a fellow ADC main, I suggest you try it out, especially if you were someone like me who simply couldn't get orb walking down perfectly (for those of you that don't know "orb walking" is being able to send out an auto attack, then move a little, attack, move, attack, move, and so on. It's what lets us ADCs kite optimally). I used to have attack move on spacebar, but even then, orb walking really wasn't easy, especially if my ping wasn't the best (I travel for a living, so, I'm subject to constantly shifting ping rates). But now that I've gotten used to the change, it feels SO. MUCH. BETTER! Thank you Riot for implementing this! Others may hate cause it makes ADC easier to play (kind of), but us ADCs that can adjust fricken love it!
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