Every single streamer quit / moved to Fortnite or other games

And LoL's player count continues to go down. But Riot is doing an amazing job, guys. We all sure do love the powercreep, easy baron shred at 20 mins, overly positive and negative biases towards certain champs / roles / classes which resulted in a lack of diversity and an endless cycle of buffing counters. We all sure do love catch-up exp and ADC's hitting late-game at 2 items, and supports being able to give a shield for 8k points, and of course, ultra increased ambient gold gen. to ensure it is impossible to solo carry a game in solo queue, making it extra hard to climb to where you belong to unless you're a pair of challenger smurfs. It must be like a fetish to kill your own game. Does the balance team get sexually excited when they see the fruits of their "work" ?
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