The Problem isn't CertainlyT; It's Riot.

It's not his fault he wanted to design new, innovative, exciting champions. It's just that he didn't design the rest of the boring, slow, yawn-inducing, brain-numbing champions. CertainlyT's lore is basically Jhin's, in that he is killing League to turn it into a masterpiece. If anything, Riot is holding CertainlyT back from reaching his true potential. The way I see it, CertainlyT already has plans for reworking all of League of Legends. There's only so much a small indie company is capable of on a technical standpoint. He's the Zack Snyder of the video game industry. A true visionary and an unparalleled artist, with a genius level intellect. People criticize his work because they simply don't understand it; They can't. Producers and game directors at Riot want to reign him in when they should set him free. They want him to tone it down when he should really be dialing it to 11. We've seen the masterpiece that is Yasuo, a champion so revolutionary that players can't handle him. I'm just itching to see what further unorthodox, crazy, exciting champion designs he has to offer.
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