Ok Tell me when it's OK to take turrets.

Once again a bunch of upvotes on a "turrets to weak thread" stating that post 25 minutes five champions and a minion wave unopposed shouldn't be able to take a couple turrets. So when the Fuck are we allowed to take turrets. Please enlighten me. Thirty minutes forty minutes? Should we just not fucking be able to take turrets maybe the game should have to go to a ff vote from boredom??? Seriously if you get an ace... have multiple champions up... a minion wave.. and it is unacceptable to take multiple turrets... that means you need at minimum five fucking aces to take the minimum five turrets you have to in order to end the game. FIVE ACES So come on gameplay enlighten this scrub. Can five champions get one turret after an ace??? Is only half a turret acceptable???

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