Swain re-rework is so bad...

When I first saw the new updates for {{champion:50}} I was optimistic. Then the more I thought about it I realized how this was just another problem of balancing pro play with solo queue. All the updates did was dumb his kit down while making him more tanky and deal less damage. The new soul fragments feel so boring and non-existent. It takes about 20-25 minutes to get health equal to a ruby crystal, and 30+ minutes to get two. The soul fragment change was supposedly to allow his ultimate to be always castable. Very little did I find myself not being able to cast my ult when I needed it, all it required was 5 soul fragments, which is not hard to get while your ultimate was on cooldown. While it gives more health, it does way less damage unless you wait the full 12 seconds and drain a large amount of health. When playing against an assassin it is likely they can 1 shot you in 5 seconds, much less 12. Not to mention his Q, probably the most simplified update of his kit. Before his Q required you to manage the health of the minions and other targets in order to maximize its damage, now you just spam it and it now does less damage and feels like it is shooting in slow motion with less range. Over all the changes just felt like a huge nerf to {{champion:50}} power and playstyle.
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