I'm so glad that the "ban Zed 100% omfg" fad has finally died down

A week/2 weeks ago I couldn't even get into a Draft game while being able to play Zed. Now finally people have gotten over it. Riot didn't even do anything to him in the past couple of weeks. The shuriken damage nerf/buff was done a patch or two ago. The community legit just stopped banning Zed. Seriously, it's not that hard to play around him. Zed offers the highest amount of retaliation from his targets out of any assassin in the game. He WANTS you to fight back and he allows you to do so. He doesn't have any hard CC and his only reliable ways to avoid damage are visible and predictable, and if he doesn't use them, he's dead regardless. Glad people are getting smarter. No one in high elo complains about Zed.
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