This is not ok[/img] I don't care how many people who main her complain daily about her being weak. I don't care about her plants having wacky AI. In no way this champ is ok and nothing should keep her from getting some much needed nerfs. Having automatic turrets who **sometimes** don't focus champions doesn't change the fact that a champ who can perma poke from across the lane, who has a line CC with a barely visible hitbox and who has a nuke ult who can disrupt an entire teamfight along with dealing huge damage (support by the way) needs to be seriously tuned down. Edit: Why are people even trying to argue by showing other supports who are also problematic? I'm not showcasing a balance problem for you to show other problems in a desperate attempt to protect your waifu and move the spotlight away from her so she can be the same oppressive atrocity for half the season. Also, don't try to justify her being alright by saying her E is bad(A single ability who is bad in a whole kit doesn't mean AT ALL that a champ shouldn't get nerfs either); it is only **barely** slower than {{champion:99}} 's and {{champion:25}} 's Q while having more range than both and being much much harder to read, AKA its far from being as bad as you try to convince us.
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