Pisses me off when our autofilled ADC mains support, and our autofilled support mains ADC.

Of all the ways to lose a game, this has to be one of the most shitty ways. You look up the players on your team, but it's too late to say anything because either the adc or the support already made their pick. If you had seen it sooner, or if they had looked themselves up, it might have been easy to get them to swap roles with each other. Can Riot please look into this? Give the matchmaker one single brain cell? You would be surprised how often this happens. This is such a depressing way to lose a game. I mean, I don't mind losing, but I hate it when I have a loss that seems to be entirely due to a poorly coded matchmaker. By the way, the entire enemey team had no autofills. Our team also had no autofills, except that our ADC was on support, and our support was our ADC. Our bot lane played poorly and lost their lane, and that was the entire reason we lost the game. And to think that we had a good ADC, and we had a good support! But they weren't on their damn roles! We had all we needed to win that game! If only the match maker had a brain.
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