out of 10 games since this new patch i have won 2.

did my skills suddenly drop off the face of the earth with the implementation of this patch, or are broken items like {{item:3181}} being abused, on top of the absolutely insane new dragon/rift changes, where the team that snowballs first has all of the advantage in the world. im a support main btw. ive never felt more useless in a game than i do with this current patch. the clown fiesta bot continues, only now dragons are way better and more important than before. on top of that you have animals rushing sanguine blade in lane regardless of what champ they're playing because it's just THAT good. the first 10 minutes of a match are more crucial now than even last season(big surprise). i think its safe to say if this game doesn't make some drastic changes to the snowball meta and damage in hte game im going to quit for good this season.
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