It's May 2019, can we get a Tryndamere that plays like it?

{{champion:23}} much like (Ashe, Yi, Shaco and similar unreworked legacy characters) is iconic and cements this games roots as an alternative to Dota. That said, in a game that is now so entirely it's own thing, it feels out of place and clunky to have a character who still plays like an old school melee farming hard carry with little synergy in his kit. More modern and reworked champions have real expression through their kits which makes a fight as or with them feel engaging and rewarding for both parties. Tryndamere's flaws are ripe and blatant and go to the nature of his Kit. For the record, I've played Trynd since 2010 in Wood VI. His Passive- 35% crit chance at level 1 is massive. Compound this with his high base damage, and the benefits of certain runes that offer attack speed or true damage and it's unfair to play against. As the Trynd player, it's unfun to depend on luck in your trades. Maybe change it to a steroid scaling off of his missing % health, or something that doesn't tie him to marksman items . His Q- A raw, instant heal that consumes the entirety of his offensive resources. Offers a negative synergy with his passive, and the passive aspect of the skill. At it's best, it will save your life in the right place at the right time. Most often, it gets made irrelevant with your ult and life steal. Maybe In moving Tryndamere away from crit chance to some other mechanic it could be changed to a reset/skill slash that consumes his fury for big damage and a heal. His W- One of the few abilities in the game with no scaling. This is a support ability. Impairing CS in toplane with it is fun, but it just doesn't feel like it belongs on the OG big sword man in 2019. A targeted taunt with a shield would be wayyyyy cooler, or really anything other than this stupid skill. His E- Best ability in the game. In fact, it's too good. On demand mobility, and damage on such a short cool down, can even go through walls. It's just too loaded. Redesign it as an engage ability and remove it's escape potential. His R- This is what makes Tryndamere "{{champion:23}}". Despite the complaints of the children I play against, this ability is not the root of his problems. There is Counterplay and there is escape. The issue is, it's boring. I pop it and I can wail on somebody for 5 seconds without dying, or run away for 5 seconds without dying. Redesigning Tryndamere opens up this ability to be entirely reimagined. %damage resist that scales with missing health? Drastically increased fury generation for new q spam? STEROIDSSSS? All of the above? Other inventive ideas? Could be sick. It's 2019 people, lets make {{champion:23}} great again.

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