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I honestly feel as though Katarina deserves a nerf at this point. I don't know if it's because Katarina is broken, my teammates in the jungle and mid lane always feed her, or if it's just assassins as a whole, or ADCs just suck that bad, but every single time I go against a Katarina, I can do nothing. She wipes the floor with my team in the blink of an eye and I can't do any damage to her. To put it simply and as accurately possible from the games I played against her, she deals a lot more damage than my team while being able to tank a lot more than my team. Pretty sure that can be credited towards Gunblade, but as an ADC who didn't feed and has an item or two with a little bit of MR, I should be able to deal enough to her to feel like I'm useful. Not only is she able to tank more, she just Shinpo's away from everything like it's nothing. One of the things I did learn is that if she can't get a kill, she can't do all that fancy shit, which I don't think requires any brainpower but that's me being biased, making her useless until her cooldowns wear off. However, the chances of her not dealing enough damage in a short amount of time to kill any ADC, support, or mage, is so slim that you can kiss your ass goodbye almost every time she engages and even if she didn't get a kill, she's like Yi: your team still takes a lot of damage from a single champ making it easy for her team to cleanup while she just Shinpo's out the fight like nothing happened. What I also do know is that no matter what game I'm in against her, the game is unplayable for me. I might as well stay in fountain because as soon as it comes to team fights or just a skirmish, she one shots me and there's nothing I can do about it besides watch my health drain in the blink of an eye and watch her do the same thing to the rest of my teammates. I understand the whole "She's an assassin" argument, but honestly, I dislike how unplayable the game is when she gets a little fed. She becomes like Fiora in the old days when nobody could win against her even in a 5 v 1 or like Yasuo back in the day when his Q wasn't nerfed to what it is now or Darius when he was a true monster in the top lane. Maybe I need some tips. Maybe I need to play better as an ADC who has to deal with a Katarina my mid laner fed, maybe I just suck. I don't know.
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