Why does armor feel useless

I was playing some games on the pbe as malphite and I was armor stacking. I had something like 450 armor and was against and aatrox. Now I was told that armor counters aatrox but he was somehow still deleteing me when I was a malphite with 450 armor. The only item he had was cleaver and even with its 24% armor shrewd I still feel like I shouldn’t get deleted. A similar thing happens earlier as well where I was malphite again and had around 600 armor and a Rengar with just a duskable was deleteing me. Duskblade gives 21 lethality, that’s no where near enough to allow him to delete me. Why does armor feel so weak? The only thing I can think of for aatrox was that he had Conq but that still doesn’t explain the Rengar.

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