We're supposed to have a ranked ladder, not a ranked slide.

Why does the ladder not start in iron, and you are able to climb up to the top of challenger like a real ladder, rather than starting high silver/low gold and sliding down one side of the bell curve toward either high or low elo? There's currently 1 game recorded in iron on Yasuo GLOBALLY. All 4 divisions. Why do we have this tier again if absolutely NOBODY is in it? Edit: Apparently the API for Riot's 'endorsed' statistics site, U.GG, does not collect significant data from Iron tier games. ________________________ The only excuse for not changing how our "ladder" works is padding out the majority of the player base's time investment working toward gold, since everybody 'has it in their sights' even if some can't reach it. Because the more you play the game, the more likely you are to buy a skin.
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