Yeah Hashinshin is whiny but Wise af.

Hash seems to rant a lot...he is a good player. Even other Challenger streamers acknowledge him and say only if he put his rant at rest and be more of meta slave he would be higher rank. Enough of his praise. Now i remember when at the start of the year Hash said mages will dominate top. At that time it was only Vikor. He said how the meta is shifting mages are gonna be op. And yes we saw Pros abuse mages like neeko,ryze,vlad,kennen in top. Until Renekton was buffed it was mostly mages. And recently he rants about mages being op at lot and says mages gonna take over every lane. And yes it will happen. In korea and EU Syndra bot is being a popular pick and can stomp Xayah, kaisa type scaling adcs and one shots squishy supps like rakan. I saw TF, Casseo, Morgana bot too. And they actually gets more power in mid game and laning phase is so hard against a mage for a shot range adc. Even Cait faces difficulty cause she is weak until 3 items. In worlds i expect to see picks of mages in top and bot.
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