"I told you so"

Hey all, it's been a while since I've been on here or even played league -- took a break way before Worlds started. So just recently logged in to play a few games, checked out the rune system, looked up the forums and read some posts. ##Many players are calling out Riot on how over-simplified and cookie-cutter the Runes have become, thus making most champions feel homogenized and lacking diverse playstyles and builds.     #I hate to say it but, Riot: I TOLD YOU SO. I spent countless hours on here petitioning Riot, communicating directly with Riot employees on the Runes team, trying to push through the understanding that **not everyone wants to play the same handful of champions in the same, single-minded way/build**. Tank Teemo? Gone Lethality ADC Nasus / Darius? Gone Tryndamere starting with ~40% AS? Gone And the list goes on and on -- with the removal of these crucial base stat modifiers that let a champion in the first ~10 levels or so have a big "chunk" of stats to modify how the early game was played (and thus dictating the end-game build/playstyle), we are now forced to select only _the most optimal Runes_ for any given champion, because let's face it -- you're basically asking to lose if you use anything different than optimal.

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