NA East Coast Servers~Ping

So now that we completely understand that the server migration in no way, will stabilize or decrease the ping of East Coast players(Typically in the range of 90-100 ms), how are we to compete at a competitive level? Its been proven, and pro's themselves have centrally located or moved west, just to take advantage of playing on 10-30 ping. How can you keep a game competitive, when half the population has a competitive advantage over the other half, BEFORE THE GAME STARTS!?" The fact I have considered moving to the LAN Server, which boasts a 50 ms ping , and Spanish, I'm disheartened I've even considered moving servers just to feel I'm on a level playing field. Riot has constantly put off these comments and failed to address our concerns. How long until enough is enough? Ps. money isnt an issue, reported revenue of US $927 million , this past year. TLDR; Make the East coast equivalent to the West. Edit: Can we get a red post with insight into the issue, not a "I'm not on that team but its in development".
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