How do I carry these types of games?

Hey yall. I'm really close to getting back into silver ELO, and I have been struggling in my promos with games like this: In these sorts of games, I always do really well. I try to ward as much as possible (I buy pinks when I can) and If my bot or Top lane is struggling I try to either add pressure or Roam and help them secure some kills/assists. I'm decent at CSing and normally have some of the highest in the game if I'm a laner. I try to take towers when I can, but it's hard when the enemy's are so ahead. However I still can't carry. I have some friends who tell me with these games, there is just nothing you can do, and to a point, I feel they are right. However I'm having a lot of these, so I've come to the boards for advice because I obviously don't know enough on the subject.
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