If I lose lane as an enchanter, what can I do?

Yes I'm a support main, but there are games like last game where my adc feeds and we can't do anything in lane anymore and I'm not sure what to after I'm behind. Not that I blame my adc for last game, their ping was on a constant 400 so that speaks for itself. But my issue is that the rest of my team were flaming both of us, even though my adc would constantly ping their ping and, as a {{champion:37}} , I don't know what else I could've done as my adc died pre-6 twice. I tried to roam to mid and get vision down, but my adc died soon after I left. At this point, our top and mid agree on a "adc/support difference" and I then felt completely lost on what to do. I won't lie and say that I feel extremely petty as they never gave me actual answers to what else I could really do to help. This wouldn't apply to only Sona I'm sure, same would go for Janna, Soraka, etc. If me and my adc lose lane what else can I do to make an actual impact? Our _laning_ phase ended with me being 0/1 and my adc 0/3, and once I began roaming I ended up 0/4. So again, is there much else I can do after a disastrous lane as an enchanter support? If needed, I'm talking about my most recent game.
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