I Love This Game (Visible Sarcasm)

Imagine winning 3 out of the last 17 games :) Imagine consistently having people who do 1 or more of the following: Hard int Flame Soft int Grief :) Imagine dropping from gold 1 to gold 4 in 2 days :) Imagine trying to keep a strong mental, not flame, not tilt, refresh and clear your head with every new game and still lose :) Imagine how fun a game like that would be :) Granted: a few games I had really bad runs. In fact in one of the games, my internet blew out. But is it too much to ask to have teammates who will actually play a little... you know... caution? Especially if you're 1/5 against riven, or 2/7 against jinx. I mean I know I should just play my game and try to carry but like... I'm gold, trying to climb into plat. I'm not challenger, or grandmaster. I'm bound to have some flaws in my game that I want to work on incrementally. I can't dig a win out of every game that involves people who are just getting blasted. It's just not normal. At all
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