Matchmaking Souldnt be MMR based

Losing games that lower MMR shouldnt have a big impact on who you get matched with. A plat 4 shouldnt be getting 2-3 high golds on his team just because he or she has been losing games ***IN PLAT 4***. The only reason why we arent getting paired with OTHER plat 4's or 5's or 3's is because our MMR has to tank for whatever fucking reason to get us with lower elo players instead of our own. If you lose a game it should ONLY affect your LP not your LP AND MMR. If everyone lost 20LP and gained 20LP for every win and loss I think people would rage less about losing elo or complaining about how much LP we gain and lose. Instead it sets an even balance to ALL players. After people hitting Plat 4 0LP losing a game getting demoted to P5 80LP would then not have to win 2 games to get back into a series, but 1 game back into a series since it only took 1 stupid loss to get demoted in the first place. I am not talking about losing that 1 game at 0LP right after you get promoted, but Im talking about after you win a couple games and then lose enough to get close to demotion time. I find it really annoying that if Im in a situation where I have to go on a winning streak just to climb back up to get more LP than losses, it can get really frustrating when you are just winning then losing then winning then losing, but losing more than you are winning...IDK tell me what you think. Just putting my random mind out here.
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