Who are you testing these jungle changes with

Seriously who is on your internal testing team, you keep throwing us junglers these curve balls forcing us to gank earlier and earlier fight each other more and more and then you get mad at us for having too much of an impact on the game. What do you expect us to do? Farming puts you so far behind exp wise and since tiamat's price went up jungling as a bruiser got worse, seriously everytime a new jungle change patch roles out all the notable jungle mains are left collectivly scratching their heads and I couldnt agree more. The only champ I can justify picking anymore in my arsenal is {{champion:19}} because he's capable of taking it to the enemy level 2 and run around the map and be everywhere at once. If i pick anythin else I feel like I am activly sabotaging my team, doesnt riot get top tier players to test shit for them? Do they not have junglers on standby to tell them hey yeah these changes are kinda ass, scuttle changes, exp changes, spawn changes, item pricing it all just keeps getting worse. Who is promoting these ideas, tell them to stop.
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