So how does new Malzahar play?

So I haven't been able to play new Malzahar since I haven't been given access to PBE yet(rito pls) But I'm not looking forwards to the changes at all, especially considering how mana regen is being taken off of so many items. I feel like all of any mages runes will be geared towards sustain, thus making them _extremely_ item-reliant and only relevant mid- to late-game. I actually prefer AD Malzahar(and I'm learning that playstyle slowly), and he's a very strong jungler, top, _ and _ mid laner following those build paths. He's extremely reliant upon being able to properly juggle voidlings, however, and his _entire_ team-fight and split-push ability is reliant upon getting those voidlings out and keeping them out, and sustaining in lane is also reliant upon getting those voidlings out to deter enemies from getting too close. Frankly, I picked up AD Malzahar because I felt like he's a huge counter to the godlike Udyr jungler. Both have amazing sustain and clear. Anyway. With the updates, is AD Malzahar even _viable_ any more? Apparently, the voidlings don't prioritize whatever Malzahar is auto-attacking(which, in the current playstyle they don't prioritize structures, but that's fine) If he is, how does the new AD Malzahar play? How easy is it to juggle voidlings and keep them out? Can he still jungle effectively and keep up with the current Malzahar playstyle? How item reliant is he? What are the cooldown rates and mana costs of getting voidlings out? As a sidenote I'm getting really irritated, and I really feel like Riot is trying to force us to play certain champions certain ways, and AD Malzahar is being forced out of the realm of effectiveness along with tank Ekko.
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