Nerfs that need to happen

{{champion:254}} She deserves huge damage nerfs, absolute freelo cancer. {{champion:12}} Ap nerfs. No way should he fucking half hp me with one move while he is ap. {{champion:69}} Wtf why are her attacks faster than any adc in game? {{champion:39}} She's deserved nerfs for ages. You know if she is ripping the likes of darius apart, there is something wrong. {{champion:427}} This piece of shit should be bleed until he is in champion hell. Wtf why is his "daisy" obesely strong. His moves strong. His utility cancer. {{champion:55}} Gut her ult. No one should have unlimited teleportation with no cost and do massive damage with a cancer ult. {{champion:38}} Give her the kass treatment. {{champion:143}} She is queen cancer. She should be gutted from head to toe. Her damage is so broken. that is all
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