Leblanc's Tether Range Is Completely Unreasonable

Leblanc's tether range on Ethereal Chains is far too long in my opinion. Even champions like {{champion:35}} with mobility spells have a hard time getting out of its range, as you can in the picture I'm a distance of about 3 {{summoner:4}} 's away from her and its still not broken. Even when she's not close to you most of the time flash isn't enough to get you out of range. A few days ago I was playing {{champion:29}} adc and I saw her coming because we had the tribush warded so I went under my turret. I should be safe right? No, she almost 1 shot me under my turret at lvl 6 with 0/0/1 kda and just {{item:3108}} {{item:3114}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} {{item:1001}} for items and didn't take a single turret shot. If I hadn't healed she would have 1 shot me, I get that Twitch is a squishy champion but thats just stupid and literally has no counterplay. Not fed at all, not farmed as far as items go, but can still almost 1 shot an adc under turret at lvl 6. So I ask How is it fair for a hypermobile champion with insane burst like {{champion:7}} to have an almost inescapable form of cc? Why can {{champion:7}} an extremely safe assassin because of her mobility and an extremely dangerous assassin because of her burst, at the same time cc someone while being nowhere near them?
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