Pre-made's go into a seperate queue OR better team skill balancing needed. (End of Norm stomps)

premade stomping -
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For Ranked and normals, (mostly aimed at normals because its still a 20 minute commitment) How much fun is it really to see your team getting it bad from seemingly coordinated team fights. Sure you dismiss it as normals, and someone had bad luck. But it keeps happening, you hit tab, and see guys with the same clan tags as a pre-made pulling off unnaturally smooth ganks. Of course its fun being on such teams, but why hasn't Riot figured out that the match maker should only to put 2 premades against each other. Not this current version where a pre-made team is situated against another without a premade. 2-3 ppl on a skype call (a third party leverage btw) can do exponentially more against 5 strangers. In this one at least they were also honest about having a 3rd with them.. I am FOR community game play and its fun queueing up with buds, but this is dishonest and not challenging on Riot's part.

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