How do I stop losing?

Well, I'm a support main and I like playing support. Last season I ended in silver III, and I played pretty comfortably there. I kinda maintained at silver III though, but I haven't played since summer and now I'm bronze II (I just recently got demoted from Bronze I to Bronze II D,:). I probably made some mistakes but I don't know where. I usually get lots of honours at the end of the game atleast (cause I'm positive), I ward like a lot (usually 3x or 4x more than the 2nd highest warder in our team), and I usually win my lane unless my adc went afk or if my adc keeps running too far into the turret where I can't protect him/her. Like I know a lot of times even when i have like 30+ assists and like 0 deaths, we still lose the game. Or even if the adc goes like 30/1/10, we still lose the game. Like I don't really care about my score I just wanna win. Idk. Like, how do I stop this? Should I play mid instead? I know a little ahri mid, and mf adc. (I only play ahri if I'm mid and only mf if I'm adc). But I can play multiple support champions. Like, idk what to do. I feel like there is something I have to be missing. I don't want to blame my teammates cause i know there is something I can do. I'm literally in bronze lol. Any help on how to stop losing?
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