Why do people feel cait needs a nerf?

caits stats according to u.gg current patch: plat+ WR 51.01% Pick 26.6% Ban 22.0% diamond+ WR 49.94% Pick 24.8% Ban 19.7% masters+ WR 44.89% Pick 17.6% Ban 9.7% caits stats according to u.gg 9.24patch: plat+ WR 50.75% Pick 27.3% Ban 22.3% diamond+ WR 50.79% Pick 26.5% Ban 21.1% masters+ WR 48.26% Pick 18.9% Ban 9.1% looking at that I have to say its more of a low elo problem as when people get better (higher elo) she is getting worse. She has less win rate, pick, and ban rate as you go up in each elo on the current patch. She only gain .04% win rate on the 9.24 patch between plat+ and diamond+. And if your suggesting to nerf a champion that gets worse the higher elo you go that has not been done before without the pro play abuse, which is not the case here since she has not been in worlds(7 games total). So why do people feel cait needs a nerf? I don't see it based on the stats of the champion.

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