If you're support and your adc flames you for any reason..

Leave the lane immediately and roam to help your team. Do not stay bot lane. If your lane partner starts flaming you (even passive aggressive ?'s count if he is spamming), this is not a person who will help you if you get ganked. If you are low and he is capable of healing you to help you get away, he will willfully decide not to do it and will laugh while "?" pinging you after you die. If you stay in this lane you are wasting all of your own potential in helping your team and you will both inevitably die more, furthering the tilt. Instead, say 'muting, roaming', and actually mute him, and then begin helping your other 3 teammates. Your ad will quickly adapt and will sit at turret and farm. In my experience, as long as I don't flame, my teammates don't say anything, and are supportive once I begin setting up ganks. What do you do? You get control wards, oracle lens, complete your trinket, get mobility boots. Then you ward like a boss. You set up ganks like a boss. You control objectives like a boss. Do NOT die and do whatever you can to help your team get ahead. Whatever you do, do NOT start flaming your ad in chat. Do not waste time typing. Let your actions speak for themselves.
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